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Welcome to Glenrosa Elementary School. The purpose of this Handbook is to provide students and parents with some general information concerning the organization of our school. We hope that you will find this book useful. We welcome any feedback from parents and students.
2017 / 2018​ STAFF LIST (Contact Us)
SCHOOL PHONE NUMBERS (Bottom of Webpage)
HOURS OF OPERATION (About Our School - Bell Schedule)
NOTE:     Our school focus is to arrive to school on time.  Students that are punctual for the entire term are recognized with a certificate and additionally, year-long punctuality is acknowledged with a special reward in June.  Regular attendance also supports student success.  Attendance and punctuality are good habits to develop in preparation for the future world of work and assists both parents and school in maintaining a secure environment for all students.
BEFORE SCHOOL - supervision begins 8:10 a.m. (For safety reasons, students MUST NOT arrive at school before 8:10 a.m.)
LUNCH - Noon Hour Supervisors are on duty during the lunch hour. Students go outside to play first and then come in to eat their lunch at 11:37 a.m. There will be the occasional “in day” during very inclement weather.
RECESS - Teachers are on duty during recess from 1:30 - 1:45 p.m.
AFTER SCHOOL - Teachers are on supervision from 2:30 - 2:45 p.m.
STUDENT SCHOOL FEES (About Our School - School Fees)
The Ministry of Education mandates that parents and students receive five reports during the year.  Parents will receive three format written reports and two informal reports.  At the beginning or end of each term, your child’s teacher will send home an overview of Ministry prescribed learning outcomes for each of the subject areas.  The dates for our formal written reports for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:
Term               Reporting Date
One                 December 8, 2017
Two                 March 15, 2018
Three              June 29, 2018
PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES (About Our School - Calendar)
SCHOOL GOALS (About Our School - School Goals)
NEWSLETTERS (Parents - Newsletter)
One of the most important sources of information about Glenrosa Elementary School is the monthly school newsletter.  The newsletter is typically posted on the school website at the beginning of each month and electronic copies are sent to families who have signed up at the office to receive school information electronically.  If you are not already signed up for this service, you can do so at the bottom of our Home Page - "CONNECT WITH US - JOIN THE GRE EMAIL LIST".  If necessary, paper copies are still available if requested at the office. Watch for newsworthy items and a calendar of events.
Pupils are expected to be neatly and appropriately dressed for school. Students are reminded that school is a student and teacher workplace. Clothing needs to be appropriate so as not to distract or be offensive to others.
Proper clothing does not include:
·                     beach wear, bare midriffs or backs, or clothes that reveal undergarments
·                     short tops, muscle shirts, short shorts and short skirts
·                     t-shirts with spaghetti straps unless there is a t-shirt underneath
·                     inappropriate language, negative messages or any reference to tobacco, drugs or alcohol.
·             Please Note: Students may be asked to change or cover up and hats should be removed when inside. 
              Make-up should NOT be worn by students at our school.
Your appearance reflects your good judgement and your respect for yourself and others.  Public displays of affection are not permitted.
For safety reasons, we expect students to stay on the school grounds from the time they arrive in the morning until they go home in the afternoon.  Students are NOT permitted to leave the school grounds at lunchtime or recess unless they have WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM PARENTS, or they go home on a regular basis for lunch.
A few of our students have been diagnosed with life threatening allergies and/or serious medical conditions. If your son/daughter is in a classroom with a child who has a fragile condition, necessary safety precautions will be implemented.
Please Note: Glenrosa Elementary is a designated PEANUT/NUT AWARE school. Helpful suggestions for peanut free lunches and snacks are readily available on the internet.
The School Board’s Medical Treatment Policy is as follows:
           Pupils may not take any non-prescription drugs at school.
           Pupils may take prescription drugs at school after the parent/guardian has completed and returned to the school Form 5710(1) that includes the doctor’s written approval. Forms are available at the school office.
           Any prescribed medication must then be provided in a childproof container carrying the proper prescription label.
           Medications are kept in the office while school is in session and taken home at the end of each school year.
For more information, please contact our school secretary.
This program is in effect to ensure the safe arrival of students at school.   Parents are asked to phone the school at 250-870-5142, prior to 8:45 a.m. to report a student’s absence.  Unreported absences will be followed up with a phone call to the home or work of the child’s parent/guardian or other listed numbers if a student does not arrive at school on time.  Your assistance by calling the school as soon as possible, is greatly appreciated.
With so many pedestrians, bikes and cars entering the school parking lot, we request that parents and caregivers park in the UPPER lot only. Please DO NOT drive or park in the staff lot near the building or outside the gates at the entrance / exit. Also, to avoid congestion backing up onto Webber Road, we ask your cooperation in NOT making left hand turns between 8:15-8:30 and 2:30-2:45. This will alleviate congestion and ensure greater safety for all.
The use of the school telephone is RESTRICTED to school business. Students are permitted to use the telephone to inform parents of illness, forgotten materials, special extracurricular functions, or any other URGENT matter. Permission slips are granted by the classroom teacher. Unfortunately we cannot allow social calls. If parents find it necessary to inform their children of an URGENT matter, they may phone the school office and leave a message.
Students must have appropriate gym strip for P.E. classes – shorts and t-shirt for grades 4-6 as well as running shoes for everyone. All gym strip should be CLEARLY LABELLED with the student’s name. Students must have an appropriate bag for gym strip storage (drawstring/sport's bag, etc.) to be kept in the cloakrooms as we do not have lockers.
Items that are lost and then found again, are placed in the Lost & Found bin located in the short hallway which joins the two longer hallwasy.  Please check the bin regularly with your child for ‘lost’ items.  Items are displayed on a monthly basis and unclaimed items are then donated to a local charity. 
LIBRARY (Programs and Services - Library)
A. PERSONAL PROPERTIES:  We request lunch kits and all items of outer clothing be identified with the child's name (laundry marker, indelible felt pen, etc.) and that each child be encouraged to put his/her name on all school supplies.  Unlabeled boots and running shoes are often problematic as reconnecting them to their owner is usually difficult.
B.  SCHOOL PROPERTIES:  Students will be issued textbooks at no charge.  However, undue damage/loss of books will be charged to the student on a depreciated basis.  NOTE:  There also will be a charge for any lost/damaged library books.
C.  BICYCLES:  Bicycles must be securely locked to the bike racks - within the bike compound - with a lock supplied by individual families.  Helmets are mandatory.  Bicycles, skateboards and wheeled 'items', must be walked while on school property.
Co-curricular field trips are designed to complement classroom learning by providing educational experiences that will make classroom learning more meaningful. Central Okanagan School District buses are used whenever possible; however, with a limited field trip budget, teachers may organize parent drivers or public transit as a means of transportation. To transport students as a volunteer, a driver must have provided the school with the following applications and statements preferably well in advance of the field trip as the criminal record check process has changed and it takes longer as the applicant has to return their approved form to the school office AND then be added to the District approved list BEFORE being permitted to volunteer.  All forms are available at the school office:
1.                                      A criminal record check application (2 pieces of identification including one with a photo are required at the time of application). The process takes A LONG TIME, so please be sure to apply as soon as possible.
2.                                      A vehicle use statement signed by the register owner, lessee or renter of the vehicle to be used to transport students (the BC certificate of insurance confirming ownership or the rental lease agreement in applicable, and minimum $1,000,000 third party coverage at the time of application).
3.                                      A driver statement (a current driver’s license must be presented at the time of application).
New booster seat regulations as of July 2008, require children under the age of 9, unless they have reached the height of 145 cm tall and are at least 18 kg, to be in a booster seat at all times.  Due to this regulation, all Primary field trips will utilize bus transportation only.
Students must submit written consent of parent permission in order to participate in all organized field trips.  Failure to provide proper paperwork, will result in the student remaining at the school, in a supervised setting, with an educational plan provided by their classroom teacher.
PARENT VOLUNTEERS (Parents - Volunteering)
CODE OF CONDUCT (About Our School - Code Of Conduct)
Many students are at school for the entire noon hour including lunch eating time. Students are expected to maintain appropriate common sense behaviour, especially during the lunch eating time. For any students who choose not to comply with reasonable expectations, parents may be asked to make alternate noon hour arrangements.
STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES (Programs and Services - Student Support Services)
The Hospital Homebound program is for students absent for 10 days or longer because of physical (ie. injury, disease, surgery, etc.), emotional, or social causes.  This program allows students to study at home and a Hospital Homebound teacher may be accessed for educational support.  Referral is made by the school to Student Support Services.  For further information, please contact the Principal.