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About Our School
Glenrosa Elementary School is located in West Kelowna, BC, Canada We are one of 31 Elementary Schools in School District #23 (Central Okanagan). We have a student population of about 210 students from K-5.
The Glenrosa SpiritBearInLogo.jpg
Our main school colour is a dark forest green.
Our logo is the capital letter G with a depiction of mountains, trees and a lake.
Our team name is Grizzlies, and our team shirt logo is the capital letter G with a bear paw in the middle.
Our mascot is Grizz, a giant teddy bear who reads books every night in our library!
Our History
The Glenrosa Elementary School became a necessity due to the population growth in the Glenrosa area. The children in the area were attending Westbank Elementary which was 'bursting at the seams'. Glenrosa Elementary began construction in 1974 on Webber Road. The completion date was tentatively set for March, 1974 but this was not achieved. During the time of construction of this school, the Glenrosa school population shared facilities with Westbank Elementary. Glenrosa students were able to share the classrooms and portables by being on 'shift'. Although the students shared all the facilities, they had their own principal, D. W. (Dan) Armstrong.
The school is constructed of large brick blocks and consists of sixteen classrooms, a gym and a library. The school was built in two phases. When first occupied it was an eight room school with a gymnasium, a library and two portables. This phase opened in the spring of 1975. In 1976, an additional eight rooms were added. As this new addition took shape, 250 young students attended classes in the original eight classrooms and made good use of the available playground. The population of this school doubled when the sixteen rooms came into full operation. Later, it was necessary to add two more portables to accommodate the still growing student population. Mr. Armstrong remained principal at Glenrosa Elementary until 1982.
The Grade seven students remained part of this school until September 1999 when they were assigned to Glenrosa Middle School.  Then in 2018 the grade six students joined the middle school too.  Now GRE is a k to 5 school.
Following Mr. Armstrong as Principals were Mr. Roy Gunn, Mr. Doug Green, Mr. Merv Reynolds, Mr. Gordon Greffen, Mr. Dennis Tetreau, Mrs. Brenda Leimert, Mr. Rob Tucker, Mr. Jim Klein, Ms. Donna Stathers , Mrs. Tamalee Middleton and currently Ms. Laurie Fraser.  

In September 2022, Glenrosa Elementary became École Glenrosa Elementary and 7 classrooms of French Immersion students and teachers were added, almost doubling our population from 180 English to a total of 321 French and English students.​