Principal’s Message



Grizzly Pride

We call ourselves the Grizzlies and we all agree that Glenrosa is a GREat place to belong! The people in our school are here for the kids!  This has always been something that has rang true at GRE.  The parents, the teachers and staff are all here for the kids and as a result, our students know that they belong at our school!  It is with this spirit and passion that we embrace our Vision Statement of "Nurturing Relationships to Foster Success!"

Our overarching goal at GRE is to support the development of resiliency in our all our learners.  We believe that resilient learners:

  • Take risks and are not afraid to fail...celebrate their mistakes
  • Are able to emotionally regulate themselves and know that it is okay to feel all of the emotions
  • Can solve a problem after having a failure...see failure as a chance to get better
  • Show increased independence as they grow and learn


And, above all, be 'Grizzly Proud' !  Have a great year!

-Mrs. Middleton