Principal’s Message


Glenrosa Elementary – A GREat Place to Belong!

As someone who is brand new to Glenrosa Elementary I want to let you know that as a school you excel at being kind.  From my very first day, I felt welcomed because of the kindness that was given to me.  Whether it was running up to say hello, holding a door open, or stopping to ask how my first few weeks at GRE have been – your kindness has made me feel welcome!

Being kind is a very powerful gift that we give others.  One act of kindness can cause a ripple effect – because someone was kind to you, you are then more likely to be kind to the next person that you meet in your day!  The person that you are kind to, then will hopefully go on to be kind to the next person that they meet and this causes a ripple effect.

A ripple of kindness starts all because of one simple act of Kindness!

My wish then, for all of you, is for one simple act of kindness to ripple through your day so that you too will be caught up in helping make the better a more joyful place!

Mrs. Middleton

Glenrosa Elementary
School District 23 - Central Okanagan