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School Fees & On-Line Payments
Central Okanagan School District purchases student supplies in bulk which permits us to give parents the option of purchasing school supplies (ie. pencils, pens, notebooks etc.) directly from the school. Fees for these supplies must be paid for at the start of the school year. All students are expected to pay a cultural fee, which covers the cost of various performances which take place at the school throughout the year. Student fees for the 2019-2020 school year have been set by the School District as follows:
GRADE                                  SUPPLIES          CULTURAL FEE          STUDENT PLANNER           TOTAL
Kindergarten - Gr. 5        $ 35.00                $ 10.00                                   No Charge                           = $ 45.00
All Grade 1 - 5 students use student planners to give them practice in the lifelong skill of self-management.
A service to schools in the Central Okanagan School District is an online fee payment – for school supplies as well as fees that are requested throughout the year.  This method of payment is convenient, safe and secure and reduces the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. If you haven't already done so,  Families will need to register at - select "Get Started Now"and follow the steps as noted. 
After you receive the confirmation email, please select the ‘click here’ option, sign in and add each of your children to your household account.  If you wish to pay by installment, please contact the school principal. If you need assistance to register, please call the school office.   If you are unable to register online,  please come in to the school office to pay by cash or submit a cheque payable to GLENROSA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Please Note: There is a fee for NSF cheques.
School related expenses will be available online for you to make payment after August 26th.
Online Payment