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Glenrosa Elementary
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PAC - Parent Advisory Council
The Role of the Parent Advisory Council
The purpose of the Parent Advisory Council shall be to promote and support education and to continue to contribute to a sense of school community and the well being of the children. The Council shall encourage parents to participate in meaningful educational activities and decision making.
Our Objectives:
• To maintain direct communication between the school and an interested parental body.
• To inform the parental community of school organization, affairs, educational, changes, needs and  concerns, via public meetings, newsletters, discussion groups etc.
• To allow for advice and discussion between parents and school administration and staff; School Board and the Provincial Ministry, according to the B.C. Schools Act.
To assist each child to meet his/her physical, mental, social, and emotional needs; to foster high ideals of citizenship; and to promote goodwill and peace through co-operation within the school community.
Members of the Parent Advisory Council
All parents or legal guardians of students registered at Glenrosa Elementary School are voting members of the PAC.
Our Parent Advisory Council (PAC) consists of every parent or guardian of a student attending Glenrosa Elementary School. An executive board is elected by the membership at the May Annual General Meeting and the executive plans and organizes many activities which take place throughout the school year. Some of these include the barbeque in September, weekly lunches for students and fundraising. The PAC meets on a monthly basis, typically the second Tuesday of each month, with the 1st meeting taking place on September 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
Watch the monthly newsletter for information on fundraising opportunities. PAC maintains a modest Parenting Library, which is available to all parents. In the interest of efficiency, PAC sends information home in the school’s monthly newsletter. Be sure to check this out! Help is always welcomed and PAC meetings are a great place to bring questions and suggestions.
Administration and staff and other interested community members are non-voting members of the PAC.
Council Executive 2017-2018
Chair:                                 Stacey O'Leary
Vice Chair:                         Brenda Bohna
Treasurer:                          Kate Davies
Secretary:                          Christina Gautron
Fundraising Coordinator:   Brenda Bohna
Fun Lunch/Milk Coordinator:  Danica Dollman 
Parent Coordinator:           Kim Warren
Public Relations Liaison:   TBA
COPAC:                             Cindy Strinholm
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