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Home and School Connections
Getting organized for regular homework routines will greatly enhance your child's success at school.  Two key ideas to getting homework done, is having supplies in one place and setting a routine for when to complete homework (i.e. right after school or after dinner).  A Homework Survival Kit containing supplies needed to do homework, will prevent your child from being continually distracted by the need to go searching for supplies, and will free you from last minute trips to the store.
There are many things parents can do to help their child read better.  Look for different ideas of how to do this in upcoming newsletters – go ahead and try something new…
  • read to your child every day!  Choose a wide variety of materials.
  • get your child a public library card!  Visit the library weekly and meet the staff at the Westbank Library…be sure to tell them you’re from Glenrosa Elementary School!