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Parent volunteers are welcomed and appreciated at Glenrosa Elementary School. Students at our school greatly benefit from additional assistance in many school activities. Volunteers also serve a vital role in participation on school committees. Central Okanagan School District requires that all volunteers who will be in contact with children must apply for a criminal record check.  If you wish to volunteer your time at the school, forms are available at the office.  Once that form is submitted, please contact your child’s teacher or the school office to offer your services with classroom and school activities.
Welcome to our school community.  Thank you in advance for your willingness to share your time and talents with our students.  The support you provide will have a direct and positive influence on the quality of education for our students.
School volunteers are no longer only parents; they include business people, high school and college students, and senior citizens.
Volunteering Opportunities:
  • Classroom helper (listening to students read, pasting, copying, cutting, etc.)
  • Field Trip parent
  • Yearbook committee (colating photos throughout the year to create a memory book)
  • Special events (Play days, school field trips, etc.)
  • Coaching
  • Supervising / Organizing Lunch Activities for Students (sports, crafts, etc.)
First, phone the school office, or drop in to discuss the many opportunities to volunteer at our school.

All volunteers will be given a copy of the "Volunteer Code of Conduct".  Volunteers are asked to sign this document to declare that they have read and agreed to follow this Code of Conduct as well as follow our Communicable Disease Plan protocols.
A Criminal Record Check and completion of an application/questionnaire are required where you will be asked to provide your:
  • reasons for volunteering;
  • special skills in language art, or other subjects;
  • additional areas of expertise;
  • previous experience;
  • choice of student age group;
  • times and days available.
When volunteering in a classroom, an assignment will be made for you to help a teacher who has requested volunteer assistance.  At this point you and the teacher will collaboratively plan ways in which your skills can best be utilized.  If you are volunteering to participate in a specific program, please speak with the school principal.  A tour of the school and knowledge of school procedures will put you at ease.

Volunteers are required to sign in at the main office.